I was feeling very discouraged yesterday— listening to everyone’s predictions about how Mom would never walk again. I decided to turn to Reiki healing and called Alice Mindrum. She wasn’t able to personally visit Mom before her next therapy session but sent Mom reiki energy last night.

It’s too soon to tell but today was inspirational to me. I must have spent 45 minutes on my own this morning using my hands to keep walking her feet in place while she was in a wheel chair.

I’d say “walkie walkie— left right, left right,” over and over again and “you can beat the odds” . By the time we got down to physical therapy, she had fallen asleep. I thought Oh No— don’t let this happen now.

It was iffy in the beginning because she was in a lot of pain and hadn’t stood up for a week but she did it and walked about 15 ft. She wanted to keep going but they had her sit down. I was overjoyed as if my baby had taken her first steps. I don’t know how much Mom will improve from this point on, and if she can keep it up, but I felt moved by her fighting spirit. Tonight she was resting peacefully and I pray that deep down she feels a little less helpless.

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