Glenn Campbell Sings his Swan Song

“I’m Not Going to Miss You” is Glenn Campbell’s poignant farewell to his fans and family.

It’s touching to watch the video and Campbell’s positive attitude despite the grim sentence Alzheimer’s casts over life’s final years. I’m always intrigued when I read of people who accept their Alzheimer’s diagnosis from the beginning.

In the case of my mother, it wasn’t so easy. She denied having Alzheimer’s for years, laughing it off by saying “I have ADHD and always have.”

She had to know her mind and skills were fading but she feared stigmatizing herself even more. Of course, this made the whole caregiving process more difficult for me. What she did have was a good attitude and creative energy she transferred from painting into “stacking.”

She once told me that she was “afraid to paint— or even draw because she might not be able to live up to her past work.” I get it— especially as an author who only feels as good as her last book.

Campbell may have struggled with similar fears but, as you will see (and hear) he lives up to his legendary past work.

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