The British Are Coming Again!


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I don’t usually look forward to Friday the 13th. In fact it was a Friday the 13th in 2012 that Mom broke her hip and life as we knew it changed forever. However next week there’s another British invasion of Fairfield. (The first one was a bad thing! In 1779, the British launched an attack on Fairfield after first being warned from a fort in my own neighborhood of Black Rock.) This one is a good thing! The British are coming to FTC, the Fairfield Theater Company, in a Band Together benefit concert for Alzheimer’s.

I had the pleasure of attending the concert last year where Band Together’s program of “Funky Town” hits had everyone dancing in the isles. I grew up bouncing around the way back of my parents station wagon listening to all of those early Beatles, Rolling Stone’s ¬†and any band with a British accent tunes. It will be great to reminisce, as I think we are all imprinted by the music that became the soundtrack of our lives.

A lot of people must have had the same sentiment because the concert is sold out! As a caregiver, life tends to draw me into a cave where I lose track of time– especially when one snowy week turns into the next. Before I knew it, there were only standing room tickets left for the concert. These days, I’m so weary and tired on my feet that I can hardly make it through preparing dinner much less stand at the back of a theater for two hours. I figured I would just have to miss it this year. But I have two angels to thank for my night out now: Thanks to Kristen Studney and Dr Ben Shultz at Brickwalk Dental Care in Fairfield for finding me a ticket and giving me a break from my caregiving treadmill by going to this great event.




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