Getting Through The Holidays


It’s been a difficult holiday season. Mom has had her ups and downs but was able to sit at the Thanksgiving table and eat a small amount of food.  mom at table in dining room

About a week after Thanksgiving, Mom had two seizures an hour apart. At first I thought she was dying. We call them “screaming seizures”. Shes only had a few in the past and they were all back in 2011. The hospice nurse came out and loaded her up with some heavy duty drugs to control the nausea and seizures. They also gave her an oxygen tank to help her breath. The medications completely knocked her out and there was no way she could eat or drink when she slept 24/7. I was preparing that this would be the end as she could no longer eat or drink in that state. We even called our priest. Then I decided to see what happened when the drugs wore off. Mom was conscious again and very, very thirsty. She actually said “WaWa”. Her mouth was so dry and next think I knew she was able to down two glasses of juice with that hearty gulp I was so used to. How can you refuse nutrition to someone who is thirsty, hungry and still can swallow!

We decided to nix the meds for now and she’s back up twice a day eating and drinking again. Knock on wood, no seizures yet. Here she is sitting in the kitchen having a light supper on Christmas Evening. Such a Blessing after thinking we were losing in kitchen

Mom’s resiliance still amazes me. I ran into a friend from a support group that I had not been able to attend since 2012. Her mother had passed a year and a half ago. She could not believe how Mom was still hanging in there three and a half years after the broken hip. All I can say is she’s a strong spirit who loves life and hasn’t finished her journey.

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