Award Nights: 2015 and 2010

Sunday night was a big victory for those 44 million who cannot fight their own battle against the terminal disease of Alzheimer’s. Unlike breast cancer or heart disease, there are no survivors who bounce back and fight for their cause through fundraising or sponsored walks. Only their families and caregivers can, many of whom are already physically, emotionally and financially stretched to the limit. This is a problem that we must address as a society because the financial burden will eventually bring our healthcare system into crisis.

When Julianne Moore accepted her award she said: “People with Alzheimer’s deserve to be seen”. This has always been my philosophy in my mother’s journey. She went everywhere with me in public until the Friday the 13th when she broke her hip over two years ago. Now she is at home with me in hospice. From 1997-2012, she had the opportunity to express herself in artistic ways even when she could no longer paint or draw. She was still engaged with life and had a quality of life which is really my mission with Art in Alzheimer’s. People with Alzheimer’s still count and should not be discounted by our culture

.87th-academy-awards-showCharla with Award

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